[Media.Coverage] Andrew's GTI on Eloquence
 이름 mallmaster (achtuningkorea@gmail.com)
 날짜 2009-12-17 14:01
 조회 2,406



One of Achtuning Korea's customers, Andrew comes from multi-cultural background with exquisite taste
when it comes to his personal possessions, such as his Mk5 Golf GTI. It features full engine treatment from APR,
Interlagos wheel from Volkswagen, slightly lowered suspension, to name a few. Even more power is planned
in very near future and his GTI will be one of the most strong compact sport cars in entire Korea.
He is extremely happy with the quality of products and services delivered by Achtuning Korea, and I am also
very happy to have a customer like Andrew, who is very enjoyable to work with.


His car, along with Kris' Red GTI & VAG's black GTI, were recognized as prime examples of "better" GTIs in Korea,
all benefited from APR's power upgrade. They were featured in Eloquence magazine recently.


Andrew - on behalf of entire Achtuning Korea and VAG members, we thank you for your support, trust, and business!