[How To Install] LED DRL for VW CC
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 날짜 2012-03-29 14:44
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Take the black cover off (please note that pictured car is an European version with clear light from factory).

Unscrew bolt that holds factory bumper light. Photobucket
Disconnect the harness.

Cut the harness as pictured.

After cutting, slide heat-shrinkable tube.

Connect Car's brown wire to Module's black wire & Car's black/green wire to Module's red wire.

Apply heat to shrink the tube.

Slide heat-shrinkable tube. Connect Original Connector's black/green wire to Module's red wire & Original Connector's brown wire to Module's black wire.

Completed harness pic.

Access the rubber gromet from the cabin.

Remove the rubber gromet.

Coat hanger works wonder!

You can either tap 12V power from your choice of source (or tap a fuse as shown)

The entire unit is self-ground, so only power is required.

Send the power wire all the way through other side.

Make Y connection from the power wire.

Connect power wire to Module's red wire.

Completed wire.

Completed wire.

Connect the LED light assembly to original connector (and blue connector).

Blinker is orange.

DRL is white LED.