STaSIS/Alcon Big Brake Kit (Golf5)
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모델명 STaSIS/Alcon Big Brake Kit (Golf
제조회사 STaSIS Engineering
제조국 USA
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STaSIS braking systems are engineered for your specific Audi/VW model. Piston sizing and rotor leverage are chosen to match the brake bias characteristics of the original vehicle. This provides a system compatible with the factory ABS calibration and the proper balance of front and rear brake force. Upgraded calipers and rotors provide unparalleled brake feel and heat dissipation. You will experience the most consistent and confident braking performance available.

The STaSIS Mono4 front brake upgrade is an excellent BBK for those people that are serious about on-road and on-track brake performance. One look says it all - high performance, ultra-refined technology and style with massive gripping power. Nothing screams from behind the spokes like an Alcon-based braking system from STaSIS.
This street/track level brake kit consists of the following parts:

  • ALCON 4 Piston Monobloc Caliper
  • ALCON 328mm x 28mm (13") Floating Rotors
  • STaSIS Caliper Mounting Bracket & Hardware
  • SBS Brake Pads
  • Motul 5.1 Brake Fluid
  • Goodridge Stainless Steel and Coated Brake lines

ALCON's monobloc cross-bridged casting provides superior caliper performance over open monobloc castings, and cross bridged two-piece castings through minimal caliper compliance. Less compliance equates to less pedal travel because the brake fluid is only applying force to the pistons, not bending the caliper. Thus the maximum amount of force is applied to the brake pads.

Ultra-high resilance piston seals minimize piston retraction distance for neglible dead pedal travel which means better pedal feel and a quicker reaction time.
Differential piston bores optimize pad wear and movement by balancing forces with tempurature gradients across the pad surface. Optimal opposed piston sizing allows for OEM piston matching for proper loading for the ABS pump cycle rates.

Alcon rotors are made from deep core castings with high carbon and copper content. Deep core casting produces a casting much larger than the finished rotor. The casting is then machined to a smaller size where the material composition deep inside the casting is more consistent and homogeneous. The combination of the casting process and Alcon's unique alloy composition makes for better heat conduction and absorption.
Alcon's patented crescent slots provide gas relief and pad cleaning while minimizing the pedal pulsations normally associated with straight slotted rotors.

Floating pin drive setup allows for proper expansion during thermal loading thus reducing rotor warping and noise. Under repetitive high-load use, the rotor will expand both on the radius and the width. A properly designed floating system will compensate for the necessary thermal expansion of the particular rotor and hat combination. Machining tolerances are essential in offering a package that does not "run out of float".

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