NEUSPEED Power Pulley Kit 2.0 TDI
상품가격 300,000원 적립금 3,000원
합계금액 300,000 원
상품코드 0242_00041
모델명 누스피드 파워풀리
제조회사 neuspeed
제조국 USA
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NEUSPEED 파워 풀리 키트



7세대 골프 2.0TDI

7세대 골프 GTD

8V A3 2.0TDI 등에 적용되는 상품 입니다.



Your car's alternator and A/C are powered by a belt connected back to the crankshaft pulley. Spinning these pulleys draw precious horsepower from your engine. NEUSPEED's powertrain engineer, using sophisticated CAD software, performed a mass properties analysis of the crank pulley. The result is reduced parasitic drag on the engine, increased horsepower, better response, quicker revving, and better MPG. This kit includes a new under-drive crankshaft pulley and a shorter belt.

The NEUSPEED crankshaft pulley is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and black hard anodized for durability.


Fits Engine Codes: CRUA / DEJA / CVCA

  • 2015-up Audi A3 (8V) 2.0L EA189 TDI 150 HP
  • 2015-up VW Golf 7 Sedan & SportWagen 2.0L EA189 TDI 150HP
  • 2015-up VW Beetle 2.0L EA189 TDI 150HP
  • 2015-up VW Jetta VI 2.0L EA189 TDI 150HP
  • 2015-up VW Passat 2.0L EA189 TDI 150HP

5 HP Gain.

20% Under-drive reduction.

Designed and Engineered Camarillo, California.

Proudly manufactured in the USA.

The actual part is shown in the photo.



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